We stock a wide selection of local interest books published by the Frome Society for Local Study including:

Their annual Yearbook. The 2021 edition has a fascinating article on the possibility that William Shakespeare visited the town in 1583 and was sent by his father to the Weyhill Fair and thence to Frome for the night. Ian Wright reports on the last days of the Cuprinol factory at Adderwell and there is a very touching obituary of Felix Dennis the last owner of the world-renowned printing firm of Butler and Tanner in the same area. There are tales of hidden treasure in Beckington, some magnificent trees in the ancient Selwood Forest. An interesting article by Dr John Harvey on the state of public transport locally in the 1970s, the history of archery at The  Butts by John Millns, the Lassman brothers describe how the railway came to Frome, the mystery of Cockey’s Manor House is solved at last, Andrew Pickering tells the tale of Joseph Glanville Frome’s demonologist, Liz Corfield gives us the history of the workhouse, and Valerie Pitt unravels the story of the Horwood Brothers, Frome’s stained glass factory and finally an interview with the remarkable Eunice Overend geologist and a badger fancier. Fully illustrated in full colour. £10

Of Mounds and Men by Mick Davis

The prehistoric  barrows of the Frome area are described as they appear today. Many of the sites were first recorded by Rev John Skinner, vicar of Camerton from 1800 to 1839. He was a fascinating and difficult man whose diaries have been stored in the British Library since his death in 1839. During his time as an antiquarian he sketched and opened many barrows from the neolothic and bronze ages, and his descriptions and drawings of local sites are reproduced for the first time in this book. The author has visited each site and has photographed, wherever possible,to provide the first comprehensive guide to prehistoric barrows in North Somerset. It serves as an introduction to the history of the period and as a guidebook to be taken on visits. 137 pages 16 x 24 cm ISBN 9781961264700. £12 

The Butler and Tanner Story by  Dr Lorraine Johnson £12

The Book of Frome by Michael McGarvie FSA £15

The Buildings of Frome by Rodney Goodall £9

Frome Heritage Trail £3

The Historic Inns of Frome by Mick Davis & Valerie Pitt.

Frome is one of Somerset’s most historic towns, yet this is the first book devoted to its inns.  Starting at the long-lost Albion Inn on Cheap Street and ending at the elusive Wyredrawers Arms on Portway, the authors tell the story of over a hundred inns, alehouses, taverns, hotels and beerhouses, creating nothing less than an alternative history of the town.  For anyone interested in Frome,or in pubs, this fascinating book will be an indispensable and enjoyable guide to an unjustly neglected aspect of the Town’s history.   £10

To order Frome Society for Local Study publications online or by post please contact FSLS direct

Frome Preserved: a Museum’s History published by the Museum and printed by Dean Press, to commemorate the Museum’s 50th Anniversary in 2016.

This book charts the history of the Museum from its foundation in 1966 to ifs fortieth anniversary in 2006. It gives a clear account of how  the Museum emerged from the Frome society to gain a separate identity which has involved occupying three separate locations at Church Steps, Wine Street and North Parade. It is based on the contemporaneous records of the Museum, the Society and the Literary and Scientific Institute, together with information provided by those who have been long term supporters of the Museum. David says:” This book concerns the relationships between many well known local characters and a Museum that is now very much at the heart of the community.”

Research was coordinated by Dr David Robinson, drawing heavily on the work of Tony Maslen.  £12

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  1. Anne Brady says:

    I cant see how to order any books online, is there a way?

  2. Jane Hardstaff says:

    I’d like to buy a copy of the Heritage Trail – are they only available through FSLS or are they in local Tourist Info or bookshops?

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