Tuesday 23rd May to Thursday 31st August

summer exhibition 2017Unwrapped and in the spotlight

A celebration of some of the rarely seen objects from the natural sciences collections at Frome Museum.

The majority of museums contain far more objects than they can possible display to the public.  Frome Museum is no exception.  We have some fantastic treasures in our natural sciences collections that are rarely seen.  So, the museum plans to unwrap these and put them on show over the summer months to encourage more people to visit.

Simon Carpenter, volunteer curator at Frome Museum, says “As well as items from our museum, I will be borrowing some fabulous cut and polished geodes from Bristol Museum,  that originally came from Dulcote Quarry in the Mendips.  Frome Museum has also recently taken ownership of part of a rare marine reptile fossil that will be displayed for the first time.  And there will be lots of other treasures to inspire you”.

Sunday 3rd September to Saturday 11th November

Money Matters: Money and Trade Over Time

A history of the use of coins, tokens etc in the Frome area together with a review of how businesses operated in the period before World War II. This exhibition will also look at the question of how the economy operated in the era before currency was available to the major part of the population. It will feature displays that deal with such matters as:

Why there were 240 pennies in the pound until `1971.

Why the 10p (2 shilling) coin was introduced over 100 years before other “decimal” coinage.

Why there are so many illegal coins in circulation in the UK.

Coining and weighing coins.

The use of tokens locally during the 19th and 20th centuries

Inflation then and now.

Commemorative editions of coins.

Maundy money.

Further details will be added at a time nearer the launch of the exhibition.

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