For nearly 100 years from 1848, when John Webb SINGER casts his first brass altar


Justice being cleaned or finished

candlesticks, to 1946, when SINGERS was taken over by the DRAYTON GROUP, Singers was one of Frome’s most important employers, known internationally. Their castings and statuary still exists across England and they made a massive contribution to the war efforts in WW1 and WW2 when they were an important munitions supplier.

History of Singers

In Times of War

Leonard Stockting

Methods of Casting


Singers Gallery


1 Response to Singers

  1. Sue Bucklow says:

    The image illustrated is the figure of Justice being cleaned. It was taken during the 1930’s and is a Fox Photo’s image from Getty Images and is for display purposes only. It was one I found during my research when working on the Singers Links project and which they loaned to us.

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