Cabinet of Curiosities


A series of fascinating displays are planned by Frome Museum to celebrate local collectors and collecting.

A different collector is featured regularly throughout the summer alongside examples of objects from their own collection.  The collectors will also provide a narrative that describes their choice of objects and why it is important to them.


Our youngest exhibitor … Ava Dent.

The theme of the displays will be the natural world with particular emphasis given to rocks and fossils, archaeology and nature.

These month-long displays are in additional to Frome Museum’s existing programme of exhibitions.

People collect things for lots of different reasons, sometimes for an academic interest, but for others the motivation to collect may be less intellectual.

They may just like the shape or colour of an object or the way it feels in the hand.  Some people amass vast collections while others are content with a scattering of objects on the window-sill or mantelpiece.  And for some, the interest in collecting started at a young age often encouraged by parents, friends and visits to their local museum.

The displays at Frome Museum will reflect this collection diversity and tease out some of the stories behind the collections and the people who collected them.

Emma CofC

Our latest exhibitor, Dr Emma Jane Robinson.

If you have a natural sciences collection or you know someone who does, please get in contact as we may run another series of displays.