INTRODUCTION TO CATALOGUE                               

Frome Museum’s online catalogue gives you access to the records for the 21,000 items owned by the museum, which may be artifacts, books, documents, photos, maps or newspaper articles. Clicking on the <CATALOGUE> button above will take you to the Museum’s online catalogue, initially to its <Introduction> tab.  Once you are ready to search for something, click on its <Search> tab. You can then either browse through or search for a name or place or other key word in either the title or the description provided in the record

The descriptions have been compiled by museum volunteers and normally consist of a couple of sentences or so, sometimes accompanied by a photograph.  It is worth jotting down the Object Numbers of any items you are interested in viewing so that stewards at the museum can track them down quickly and easily.  The Museum’s cataloguing team is working to increase the number of items with images as an on-going project.

You will find instructions on the front page of the catalogue but here are a couple of further tips.

Be Smart. Chase things down. Type “Holy Trinity Church” and get towards 30 entries. But “Trinity Church” will get over 40. If you ADD “window” you will get just 3 entries.

Take care.  We are not Google so the searching is not ‘intelligent’. If you want a “society” but you spell it “soceity”, you won’t find it. Likewise, if you type St Johns Church, you will not find any of the hundreds of items associated with St John’s Church with an apostrophe!

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