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question-mark-213692_960_720Let’s have a bit of fun! On our Facebook page we have posed 5 questions about the history of Frome, just to see how well up you are on the history of your home town!

The Facebook page sends you here, to our website, to see the answers! If you’re up for the challenge, switch over to Facebook to see the questions, then come back to see if you were on the button! No cheating now!

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Answers to Facebook Quiz

  1. 7th Century (AD685)
  2. Dave Crisp
  3. It was originally the Bluecoat School, named for the colour of the uniforms. Built in 1726 to replace an almshouse dating from 1461.
  4. Justice, sculptured by F.W. Pomeroy, was cast in bronze by W. SINGER & SONS in Frome in the late 1880s, almost contemporous with the casting of the lions which still adorn Rhodes Memorial in Cape Town, also cast at Singers.
  5. Ellen (Nell) was one of 12 children born to Charles Axford Bray (1855-1923) who ran a printing and stationery business in Frome in the early 1900s. She was crippled at the age of 2 and had her leg amputated when she was 21. Ellen ran the business after her father’s retirement until 1938, when it was sold.


fhm-new-sept-cabinet-01The latest display at the Frome Museum gives a unique insight into the life and times of a distinguished “ordinary” 20th Century Frome man, Allen Crees (1894-1970). We’re sure you will agree that he was actually quite “extraordinary”!

As our Chairman, Emma Jane Robinson, commented:

“What really tickled my fancy about the Crees collection was that it arrived suddenly neatly packed into a small blue leather suitcase!”

Volunteer Jennie O’Kane has unpacked that little suitcase into a tower cabinet to share with Museum visitors. The personal treasures reveal how Allen, as a young man, left his job at Butler & Tanner in 1914 and joined the Royal Army Medical Corps. You’ll see, among other things, the bullet removed from his thigh in 1915 when he was wounded in World War I, and a list of the football matches he refereed in peace time.

We welcome collections of local social history such as this, to preserve for posterity. If you have any family treasures you would like to donate to the Museum please email the details to, or call 01373 454611.



Our exhibition, An Historic Hyaena den near Frome, in diorama, has opened and will run through until NOVEMBER! Hoping to see lots of interested viewers during the coming weeks as our summer season winds down. The pictures show a sneak preview, but there’s plenty more to see, so we look forward to hosting you! (Scroll down for opening hours).


A volcanic bomb found in Somerset will be on display in our Cabinet of Curiosities as one of the treasures collected by members of East Mendip Wildlife Watch Group, during September and October 2016.volcano-149321_960_720

The Group involves young people in fun activities to help them learn more about how to improve the environment for plants and animals. A number of the group are obviously keen collectors and its delightful to see a range of natural objects on display including fossils, shells and skulls. You can also see an exquisite birds nest made by Long tailed tits that is made from moss and lichen and held together by spider silk.

 Simon Carpenter, volunteer curator at Frome Museum, says: “The East Mendip Wildlife Watch Group is a fantastic club for young people interested in natural history, rocks and fossils. They meet on the second Saturday of the month, 10am-12 noon, at the Somerset Earth Science Centre near Stoke St Michael or at a local nature reserve. They look at all sorts of natural history; fungi, birds, fossils, reptiles, flowers, insects and lots more!  If you would like to join in please phone 01749 840156 or email”.

Frome Museum’s Cabinet of Curiosity is open to all and was purchased with substantial help from an anonymous  donor together with a contribution from a Community Grant from Frome Town Council.

For more information about the cabinet of curiosity display, please contact:Simon Carpenter, volunteer curator, Frome Museum Tel no: 01373 454611


Frome Heritage Museum welcomes school and other group visits.  However, to avoid disappointment and make the most of your visit we must ask you to contact us in advance by phone (+44 (0)1373 454611) or e-mail

  • Frome Heritage Museum is located in the centre of the town in our hisOpening sign editedtoric listed
    building built for the Frome Literary and Scientific Institution.
  • We have fascinating collections of local, regional or even national importance.  The two galleries (entered off North Parade) have regularly changing exhibition and displays of a wide range of local history.
  • There is a shop

The Library/Archive is open to researchers by appointment only – with Tuesday being the regular opening day.   To avoid disappointment researchers are urged to email,  telephone or write to arrange an appointment and also give brief details of their research. This will allow our volunteers to locate relevant documents and photographs in advance of your visit.  In line with policy at most archives today charges are levied for photocopies and other services.  Details are available on request.

The Museum and Library is run entirely by volunteers and we receive no support from the local authorities. Please help to keep admission free by making a donation – £2 is suggested – which can be enhanced if you sign a Gift Aid Declaration.

We are very grateful for donations of material which relate to the history of Frome and the surrounding parishes but please contact us in advance so appropriate arrangements can be made for your visit.